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productsAfter five years in research and development, Quiet Nite has created an all-natural, topically applied creme that promotes deep relaxation and quiets the mind, thereby allowing one to drift into sleep naturally. It has NO unwanted side effects and is 100% guaranteed. For the many who embrace a natural approach to their sleep problems, Quiet Nite is able to meet their needs. Quiet Nite has received national recognition as well as endorsements from numerous medical doctors and natural health care checklistpractitioners. In addition, our complete Quiet Nite Sleep Program incorporates seven holistic therapies proven to promote deep relaxation and restful sleep.

Quiet Nite's well-rested clients range from 4-90 years of age and include medical professionals, truck drivers, shift workers, airline personnel, and students. Over 52% of Quiet Nite consumers report sleeping better the first night! By all standards, this is quite an accomplishment.

Helping people achieve a great night's sleep is our only business here at Quiet Nite, and we are totally committed to making a positive difference globally.

Sweet Dreams to All!


"It is my first choice for all my customers."
Judy H., RPH

"I recommend Quiet Nite to my patients as a safe, natural alternative for promoting restful sleep."
M. O'Ryan, MD

"This is a product whose time has come. "
Irvin M.

"This product is a Godsend! It Works!"
Frieda B.

"I get the sleep I need naturally and I wake up feeling great."
Shirley C, RN

"My 8 year old son with ADD is now sleeping soundly and doing great in school."
Debora K.

"I experienced the sweetest, most peaceful slumber I had ever known since childhood. I awoke fully rested and relaxed."
Diane K.

"It helped alleviate my teeth grinding, soreness and tension in my jaw."
Patricia J., LMP

"It is refreshing to find a natural product the that really works."
Christine O., RN

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for your inspiration in developing this product."
Ellen B.